Low cost light source

PVLogo smallSA05SS is a high stability LED based light source, low cost tool for organic, dye-sensitized, polymer and perovskite solar cell testing. It is available in two versions: without or with temperature-controlled measuring table. SA05SS is able to be controlled, light intensity/mode and table temperature, by notebook computer through USB 2.0 port. Low cost systems suitable both for research as well didactic purposes for characterization of solar cells.

Led view2

View of the basic version of SA05SS. In this version is no temperature-controlled measuring table.

Technical specifications:

Light source high power white LEDs  up to 9 pcs
Light non-uniformity < 5 % (on 50×50 mm2 test area)
Light intensity fluctuations* < 1% (at 1000 W/m2)

2800 - 6500 K (depends on applied LEDs)

Long term irradiance stability >99.5 % (after 1 h at light stability mode)
Max. electrical power of light source

185 W

Max. power consumption of the whole unit    

240 W (with a temperature-controlled table up to 320 W)

Operating modes

constant intensity, constant current

Minimum adjustable irradiance

~200 W/m2

Maximum adjustable irradiance

~1200 W/m2
Dimesions (H×W×D) 310×210×330 mm (basic version)
 Weight  ~3.5 kg ;  7.7 lbs (basic version)
 Supply  100...264 V/50-60 HZ AC

 *Caution: with decrease of light intensity fluctuations may increase up to >10%.


Led view

 View of the version of SA05SS with temperature-controlled measuring table.