I-V Curve Tracer Units

I-V Curve Tracer Units are capable of measuring a diverse range of solar cell parameters such as Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Rsh, Rs and η cell conversion efficiency, complete light and dark I-V curves. All that needs to be done to test a cell is to load the cell, make electrical probes contact and press “Measure” icon on the I-V Measurement System software. The software will automatically open the Solar Simulator shutter, perform the test and close the shutter after the test is complete (Software). 

Curves are measured using classic four probes (Kelvin) technique. System meets all requirements of the IEC 60904-1 standard.

Setup for measurement of current-voltage (I-V) curves of solar cells consists of several units that may be however delivered independently according to customer’s requirements. These units are:

Common I-V Curve Tracer Units features:

  • Advanced procedures for filtering noisy signal – enable achieving good quality “smooth” I-V curves measured even under strongly fluctuating light,
  • Advanced sorting procedures according to user defined criteria,
  • Calculating cell series resistance according to IEC 60891 standard, 
  • Three methods of curve correction to STC procedures implemented (IEC 60891, Anderson’s and  Blaesser’s);  Please note! If required corrections may be performed to any other than STC conditions specified by user,
  • Implemented procedures enabling fitting of measured I-V curve (both dark and illuminated) to either equivalent  diode models, i.e. SEM-Single Exponential, DEM-Double Exponential and VDEM- Variable Double Exponential,
  • Facilities enabling fast routine to determine thermal coefficients of basic solar cell parameters (option available with heating-cooling unit and measuring table),
  • Dark I-V curves measurements in a full range of available current and voltage (autorange option is active during the I-V scan in order to ensure measurement with continuously high resolution),
  • Settings profiles can saved in the software, making it simpler to repeat measurements.

After measurement, the I-V curve is automatically saved on computer hard disk drive. All basic cell parameters are calculated and in a separate file for future analysis stored together with cell temperature and irradiance level during measurement. Actual I-V curve of the illuminated solar cell may be optionally automatically corrected to standard light intensity and temperature corresponding to Standard Test Conditions STC if required.

In the following sections specified units will be described in more details.