KCT I-V Tracer

PVLogo smallKCT I-V Tracer is an electronic Auxiliary Unit that has been designed to natively supports the control of solar cell measurements with use of Keithley source meter units (SMU). Inside Auxiliary Unit fully functional PC with Windows Operating System has been installed. SMU is responsible for setting bias voltage, cell’s voltage and current  measurement while Auxuliary Unit ensures control over additional functions like irradiance, temperature or shutter control. By using a shutter, the solar cell is only illuminated during the measurement, which prevents heating up of the solar cell material. I-V measurement using SMU can perform measurements in both forward and reverse directions.

With KCT I-V Tracer there are four possible ways of scanning the I-V characteristics of solar cells:

  • from reverse to forward direction (R->F),
  • from forward to reverse direction (F->R),
  • from reverse to forward and back to reverse direction (R->F->R),
  • from forword to reverse and back to forward direction (F->R->F).


AUXv2 front

 View of front panel of the Auxiliary Unit.

I-V Tracer Auxuliary Unit is dedicated to use with Keithley's Source Meters (in non-pulsed mode):

- 24xx series or

- 26xx series.

Auxiliary Unit is connected to Keithley Sourcemeter with use of GPIB-USB converter as well as cable that is used to measure solar cell’s current and voltage. Both are provided by PV Test Solutions. The converter must be plugged to rear panel of the Keithley meter while the other, with standard USB connector, is connected to the rear panel of the of the Auxiliary Unit.