Ossila type adapter

The adapter has been designed to allow the measurement of solar cells made on Ossila substrates:

  • 8-pixel (S211 / S213),
  • 6-pixel (S101 / S103),
  • 6-pixel (S171).


Main features of the Osila type adapter are:

  • light intensity sensor (small silicon solar cell) integrated in the plate,
  • temperature sensor (with a spring), which allows to measure the temperature of the back side of the test sample,
  • an advanced DIP switch system, that allows the measurement of each pixel, easily change polarity, or connect a reference cell to the measuring system,
  • HD15 connector allowing to connect an active pixel to the measuring system, e.g. Keithley SMU, temperature meter (PT100), and signal from the light intensity sensor,
  • holes enable quick and easy mounting on various optical tables and other devices.  


Adapters for own design solar cells


Sample holder 1a

Sample holder 3       Sample holder 2

This sample holder is suitable for laboratory solar cells made on a 20 x 20 mm substrate. The sample is connected with a spring-loaded pins with a printed circuit board. The construction is designed to tolerate small variations in substrate size and thickness. The above pictures show sample holder for perovskite solar cell with integrated light intensity sensor and temperature sensor of the back side of the test sample. Cell selection is done manually (via slide switch) or remotely (on request). In this case all contact fields are located on the bottom side of the substrate.

We make sample holders of various sizes and thicknesses of substrates with any arrangement of contact fields.


Temperature converter R/I

Temperature transducers are designed to convert the results of temperature measurement, using a Pt sensor at the standard current value of 4-20 mA with 12-36VDC power supply. It is ideal to use in temperature controlling and measuring systems.

RTD new

Temperature converter/transmitter features:

  • Stable high linear conversion, low temperature drift,
  • 12-36V wide range power supply,
  • Support 2-wire or 3-wire RTD PT100/PT1000 input,
  • Standard input temperature range: -5°C ÷ +70°C (other range on request),
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C ÷ +50°C.